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If you are looking for a website where you can visit every day to read about cycling, we can assure you your search is over. Fritz Pienaar Cycles has been working for years, standing among the best information hubs for cyclists as well as anyone interested in this area.

What we cover

‘Everything’ is enough to describe what our content covers in terms of cycling. From the latest news and tips, tricks to buying guides and product reviews, we deliver a full package of what you could possibly search for on the internet. There are more, here’s a list of all the sections you will see on our site:

  • Latest news: Here, we inform you about the latest bike launches along with newly released accessories. For professional riders, we also deliver the latest news about races and tournaments so you can catch up with your rivals or any opportunity to add medals to your career.
  • Tips and tricks: This section is useful for everyone, no matter who you are. Our experts offer secrets to maximize your cycling performance as well as how to make the most out of a ride among other cool tips.
  • Buying guides: If you’re new to cycling, this section will help you a lot. From a new bike to a new helmet or cycling shirt, we will lead you step-by-step through a comprehensive process to make sure you will be able to pick the perfect item for you.
  • Product reviews and comparison: For those who are interested in a specific model, this section will show you how it turns out in real-life. Our product reviews are created by experts in the field, who carefully test products on every aspect and the toughest environment to provide you with the most realistic, practical, detailed reviews ever.
  • Health and nutrition: Regardless of your cycling purpose, you need to stay healthy and a suitable diet to supply enough energy to keep you strong through your rides. This section will show you how to eat and rest properly to make sure you don’t exhaust yourself to an unwanted point.
  • Repair: This section is dedicated to providing knowledge relating to the engineering of a bike. It will teach you about the components of a bike and what to do when there are problems with your bike. It’s best to bring your bike to a professional workshop, but such knowledge will come in handy when you’re in the middle of a mountain ride or nowhere near a repair shop.

There is also the Follow section where we show all of our social media outlets where you can subscribe to and update when our latest post comes out. You can also subscribe to our website and register to receive notifications when there’s a new post in a section you’re especially interested in.

What we promise

We cannot get to this point and become a trustworthy cycling site if we don’t deliver values. And here are what we promise you.


We are committed to delivering only official news about the cycling world. When the information is leaked or rumored, we do not post because we don’t want to confuse you prior to the official confirmation.

We are honest when reviewing products. We buy products independently for our reviews, which makes sure our perspective is not compromised by any benefits coming from the manufacturer or brand. We review what we see and feel about the product, both positive and negative so you can trust our reviews and make a decision based on what you read on our site.

We are committed to the truth when we write buying guides as well because, more than anyone, we understand the most expensive product is not always the best one to buy. Each person has a different need and preference, and our guides are aimed to lead you closest to what meets your needs, not to the product at the top of a list.


Our sole purpose is making each and every one of our posts the answer to your question. Our content is built based on what viewers seek, meaning we only provide information that you can use rather than just showing off our expertise.


Both our content and our site are designed to be user-friendly. While our content is comprehensive, the site comes with a minimalist design, making it easy to use even for first-time viewers.